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WO-2013154434-A2: Mobile apparatus patent, WO-2014004962-A1: Dynamic spanning tree root selection patent, WO-2014014456-A1: Fire-retardant belt patent, WO-2014015524-A1: Methods and apparatus for device monitoring patent, WO-2014042909-A1: Systems and methods for monitoring oil/gas separation processes patent, WO-2014058337-A1: An unmanned autonomous vehicle for inspection of fluid transportation means patent, WO-2014131508-A1: Method for controlling a piezoelectric fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle comprising a step for polarizing the piezoelectric actuator patent, WO-2014134663-A1: Graphene-based films patent, WO-2014146188-A1: Fitness apparatus patent, WO-2014149087-A1: Resiliently mounted armor panel patent, WO-2014162275-A1: Interventional x-ray system patent, WO-2014172322-A1: Vehicle intruder alert detection and indication patent, WO-2014182179-A3: Patient interface and headgear for a respiratory apparatus patent, WO-2014190414-A1: Systems and methods for diagnosis of depression and other medical conditions patent, WO-2015005874-A1: Cap attachment for drinking from cans patent, WO-2015006386-A1: Dual configuration bottle assembly patent, WO-2015036810-A1: Internal combustion engine with a lever system, connecting-rod/crank systems with multiple cranks and a variable compression rate patent, WO-2015044824-A1: Methods for increasing the nutraceutical content of perishable fruits patent, WO-2015047689-A1: Improving backup system performance patent, WO-2015058080-A1: System and method for transdermal dialysis patent, WO-2015101757-A1: System for managing the energy used by a dosimeter patent, WO-2015126894-A1: Analog signal processing method for accurate single antenna direction finding patent, WO-2015140108-A1: Immunising against staphylococcal bone and joint infections patent, WO-2015164876-A1: Shaking device, system, and method patent, WO-2015187212-A1: Method for making molecular sieve ssz-99 patent, WO-2015188143-A1: Systems and methods for processing solid materials using shockwaves produced in a supersonic gaseous vortex patent, WO-2015197580-A1: Control of protection switching in a communication network patent, WO-2016004528-A1: Robust redundant-capable leak-resistant cooled enclosure wall patent, WO-2016020588-A1: Electrical conductor for aeronautical applications patent, WO-2016046199-A1: An endothermic gas phase catalytic dehydrogenation process patent, WO-2016061364-A1: Walking stick patent, WO-2016073134-A1: Quick connect pneumatic coupler patent, WO-2017004245-A1: Runaway valve system for a pump patent, WO-2017040900-A1: Method of making hollow glass microspheres patent, WO-2017075305-A1: Filter housing with locking cord member patent, WO-2017132796-A1: A multirotor aircraft and a method for controlling the multirotor aircraft patent, WO-2017144842-A1: Handrail for staircase patent, WO-2017156010-A1: Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams and methods of producing the same patent, WO-2017189237-A1: Desalination method using superabsorbant polymers patent, WO-8602744-A1: Method of producing devices using nonplanar lithography patent, WO-8707794-A1: Characterized fast tuning control for a television system patent, WO-9108989-A1: Building product patent, WO-9201284-A1: Track counting arragement and method patent, WO-9204173-A2: Glass repair kit and method of use patent, WO-9214344-A1: Transcoder and improved land system for a mobile radio communication system patent, WO-9315980-A1: Package for nested baking forms and the like patent, WO-9420364-A1: Launching vehicle patent, WO-9421439-A1: Method and device for manufacturing light panels, as well as such a light panel patent, WO-9617979-A1: Surface-treated steel plate for fuel tanks patent, WO-9626766-A1: Lat pulldown exercise machine and method of exercise patent, WO-9627992-A2: Three-dimensional image display system patent, WO-9628658-A1: Frequency multiplying piezoelectric generators patent, WO-9629925-A3: Apparatus and methods of raman spectroscopy for analysis of blood gases and analytes patent, WO-9721118-A1: Contactless electronic transponder with printed loop antenna circuit patent, WO-9728717-A1: Applicator pad, particularly for cosmetics patent, WO-9747391-A1: New collector composition for flotation of activated sphalerite patent, WO-9747455-A1: In-mold coating for golf balls patent, WO-9817878-A1: Wall element and process for producing a wall element patent, WO-9819918-A3: One-piece molded flip cap closure patent, WO-9825523-A1: Biopsy forceps instrument having irrigation and aspiration capabilities patent, WO-9913672-A1: Base station controlling communications carried out in a digital and cellular radiocommunication network cell and corresponding control method patent, WO-0037674-A1: Nucleic acid sequencing method patent, WO-0073345-A3: Antibodies specific for mycobacterial polypeptides and uses thereof patent, WO-0073612-A1: Sliding sash window assembly patent, WO-0105899-A1: Pigment-based ink compositions patent, WO-0110628-A1: Process for the production of a cable and device for performing this process patent, WO-0131462-A1: System for controlling information on condition of contents use patent, WO-0133694-A1: Power source and sensor device comprising the same patent, WO-0136515-A2: Polymeric compositions and a method of making the same patent, WO-0142940-A1: Method and apparatus of load sharing and improving fault tolerance in an interactive video distribution system patent, WO-0162688-A3: Methods of structure-based drug design using ms/nmr patent, WO-0174597-A1: Image forming device and method and transfer medium cassette patent, WO-0204198-A1: Shaped contoured crushable structural members and methods for making the same patent, WO-0225962-A3: Secured map messages for telecommunications networks patent, WO-0232492-A3: Multi-lumen hose for respirators patent, WO-02073258-A2: Refractive index grating manufacturing process patent, WO-02074774-A1: Cyclic guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase inhibitors patent, WO-02079310-A2: Process for preparing a stabilized polyester patent, WO-03018351-A1: Emergency vehicle seat with integrated seat belt patent, WO-03026508-A1: Ultrasonograph patent, WO-03071160-A1: Differential planetary gear device, and differential planetary gear device starting device and starting method patent, WO-03085731-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same patent, WO-2004020619-A1: Modified phospholipase c-gamma-2, expression products, and non-human animal models comprising said genes, and therapeutic uses patent, WO-2004021153-A1: Method and apparatus for secure data transmission in a mobile communication system patent, WO-2004025172-A1: Lighting device patent, WO-2004025964-A3: Manipulation of video compression patent, WO-2004071054-A2: Prepaid and postaid subscriber telephony platform patent, WO-2004091304-A2: Process and plant for the production of sealed packages of homemade-style ice cream patent, WO-2005020095-A1: Method and device for forming an output information set from at least two input information sets patent, WO-2005034972-A3: Use of pharmaceutical compositions containing evening primrose oil for the treatment of xerostomia patent, WO-2005043371-A3: Human interface system patent, WO-2005071804-A1: Multi-socket assembly patent, WO-2005081067-A1: Projection objective for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus patent, WO-2005110471-A3: Preparation of salmonella broad-spectrum vaccines patent, WO-2005114020-A1: Corrosion-resistant exterior alloy for composite tubes patent, WO-2005120222-A2: Genetically modified non-human mammals and cells patent, WO-2006037853-A1: Scrolling items on a list patent, WO-2006060876-A1: Guide and agricultural machine incorporating same patent, WO-2006061368-A1: Integrated process for the separation of air and an integrated installation for the separation of air patent, WO-2006108952-A1: Method for subcooling a lng stream obtained by cooling by means of a first refrigerating cycle, and related installation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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